Angle Grinder Used for Concrete Scoring

There are two types of angle grinder blades for scoring concrete with a 4 1/2 inch angle grinders; abrasive or grinding blades and diamond blades.

A 4 or 4 1/2 inch grinder is ideal because they're easier to handle vs the larger 7 inch grinders. You need something small enough to control with one hand.

Most models and brands are very similar and perform the same. Some models have a slide switch and some have a paddle switch. With the slide switch, you have to hit switch to turn it off. In others words, it will keep running if you let go. The paddle switch is located on the underside and is depressed while you're holding the grinder and working with it. The grinder shuts off when you let go of it.

Almost all angle grinders have handles that can be installed on either side. This makes it convenient for right or left hand use.

Prices for angle grinders can range from 30$ - 250$ depending on the brand and size. The cheaper models will perform just fine unless you plan to use it often. You can find an angle grinder used for concrete at just about every hardware and home improvement store.

Important: Always wear safety glasses when using angle grinders. Wear a mask when subject to breathing concrete dust.

Different blades for angle grinder used for concrete scoring

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