Asphalt Versus Concrete Driveway

Are you deciding whether to use asphalt or concrete for your new driveway? Maybe I can help you out with this one.

asphalt versus concrete driveway

The only real benefit of an asphalt versus concrete driveway is the initial cost of installation. Asphalt can be half the cost of concrete. So why choose concrete over asphalt for your driveway?

Appearance... A driveway is like a large welcome mat for your home. It’s the first thing people see when they visit. The beauty of concrete can’t be paralleled, especially with some of decorative aspects such as staining and stamping.

Long term cost... Although the initial cost of concrete is more than asphalt, concrete will last as much as three times as long as asphalt. This makes concrete cheaper in the long run with less maintenance, resurfacing, and replacement costs.

Safety... The non-skid surface on concrete makes it safer to walk on, especially when it’ wet and in the winter when ice forms. Concrete is also more visible at night.

Maintenance... Concrete requires a lot less maintenance than asphalt. You don’t have to mess with those nasty asphalt coatings.

Cleanliness... Concrete is much cleaner. You won’t track those oily asphalt sealers into the house.

Comfort... A concrete driveway is more comfortable and cleaner to walk on with bare feet. This is especially true in the summer. Concrete won’t heat up in the sun like asphalt.

asphalt and concrete driveways On a warm, sunny, summer day, you wouldn't be able to stand barefoot on asphalt and have a smile on your face.

Concrete doesn't heat up and doesn't get sticky like asphalt.
asphalt or concrete driveways Here's a project you don't want to have to mess with every few years. Asphalt resealing is a nasty job.

Maintaining concrete is much easier and not nearly as messy.

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