Colored Concrete Sealer

Colored concrete sealer is an easy and inexpensive way to color your home's concrete surfaces. Not only does it add color to dull concrete, it also provides protection to extend the life of your concrete and makes for easy cleaning of dirt and spills.

colored concrete sealer

Colored sealers can be used on exterior and interior floors. Although for interior floors of finished houses, I would recommend water based acrylic stains because of their low odor and toxicity. Colored sealers are ideal for:

  • patios
  • porches
  • driveways
  • garages
  • sidewalks
  • steps

Because colored sealers form a tough bond with concrete surfaces, they will not peel or flake when applied correctly. They are resistant to UV rays, acids, alkali, salts, and hot tire pick up. The key to making these sealers last is surface preparation.

Important Sealer Info

Due to increasing environmental restrictions, solvent based sealers are becoming less available and have actually become illegal in some states. They are hazardous and do emit harmful fumes as the solvents are released. Manufacturers are working on and making higher quality "green" or water based sealers to replace solvent sealers. For this reason, I've decided to stop recommending the solvent sealers. I have become more confident in the quality and durability of the newer "green" products. Concrete Camouflage offers a great line of "green" products that are safe to ship and handle, eliminating a huge and costly hassle.

The biggest advantage of colored concrete sealers is the cost when compared to other concrete coatings such as epoxy. They are not as strong as epoxy coatings, but are a cheap alternative. When applied correctly, they will last and will give your concrete a refreshing new look.

Colored sealers are available in a wide selection of colors. Some companies offer as many as 70 colors to choose from. So you can match the concrete to the colors of your house. You can also use multiple colors and scoring techniques to create designs and patterns. You're only limited by your imagination.

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Colored Concrete Sealer Surface Prep and Application

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