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concrete floor wax
Concrete floor wax serves as a sacrificial coat on decorative interior floors. As with any type of flooring, concrete does wear down over time with traffic. Even with a strong sealcoat, it will lose it's luster, but a good wax will bring it back.

Although there may already be coat of sealer, it will wear down as well and resealing interior concrete can be a nasty, smelly job that you want to avoid if possible. This makes periodic applications of floor wax a good idea. This also restores the shine to the floor.

A coat of wax is often the last step for interior decorative concrete projects.

It can be applied by hand or with a normal mop. I normally use a lambs wool applicator for a nice, even finish. A good wax for concrete will work well on other types of flooring as well, including laminates and hardwoods.

How often you need to reapply a wax depends on how much foot traffic there is. Most residential floors can go from several months up to a year or longer before needing another coat. Fortunately, this can be a quick and simple task. There's no need for machines or intense labor, just apply the wax with an applicator or a mop.

What kind of wax should be used? Like I said, applying a floor wax doesn't need to be a big production that involves buffing. A simple "mop on" floor wax is all that's necessary. Clean the floor, mop on the wax, and walk away. Concrete/masonry supply stores sell specially designed waxes for intertior concrete floors.

I prefer to use Contractor Grade Concrete Floor Wax. Not only is it easy to apply and adds a high gloss luster, the coverage rate is very good. Perhaps the best part is it can be applied many times before it needs to be stripped. Even stripping is pretty easy.

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