Concrete Staining Photos

Here are some examples of how concrete staining can transform the look of regular gray concrete. Click on the photos for a larger view.

acid staining concrete staining
Accents and borders stained with cola acid stain. Sand color acrylic stain on engraved concrete.

acid staining concrete staining
Stamped concrete with acid stained design. Overlay with engraving and English red acid staining.

acid stained concrete acrylic concrete stain
Engraved concrete with umber and deep brown acid stain. Pool deck with terra cotta water based acrylic stain.

acid stained concrete acrylic concrete stain
Antique brown acid stain on scored concrete porch. Red and black acrylic stain on basement floor.

water based concrete stain acid based concrete stain
Logo engraved and stained with water based acrylic stain. Small porch with engraved ashlar pattern and acid staining.

acid stained concrete stamped and stained concrete
Broom finished patio with scored border, brown and green acid staining. Stamped, slate textured concrete with brown and tan acid stains.

acid stained concrete acid stained patio
Scored design with combination of black, tan, and green acid stains. 8 yr old existing patio colored with umber and green acid stains.

acid stained concrete acid stained patio
Basketball court engraved and colored with acrylic concrete stains. Running bond pattern scored and colored with black/brown acid stain.

acid stained concrete acid stained patio
Driveway with very light gray acrylic stain and new clear sealcoat. Broom finished patio with brown acid stain borders and malay tan acid stain in the middle.

acid stained porch faux finish staining
Engraved porch with tan acid stain and faux staining with deep purple acrylic stain. Acid stained sidewalk with faux finish staining techniques.

acid stained steps basement floor concrete stain
Broom finished concrete steps with acid stain and deep purple acrylic stain. Basement floor with overlay and antique brown acid staining.

acid stain overlay stained concrete porch
Overlay on screened porch and colored with antique gold acid stain. Engraved concrete porch colored with umber acid stain.

acid stain overlay
Broomed textured porch colored with cola acid stain.

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