Speckling with Epoxy Paint Chips

The easiest and most popular way to enhance a floor coating is to broadcast epoxy paint chips onto the wet paint. The chips create a flake-like appearance which really adds to the look of a new floor coating.

When broadcasting the chips, they can either be spread to completely cover the floor or scattered lightly for the speckled look.

epoxy paint chips
Complete Coverage

An additional benefit of complete coverage is slip resistance. This is important for floors that may get wet often such as garage floors. As an alternative, I would suggest a clear topcoat with a slip resistant additive.

epoxy paint chips
Lightly Speckled

There are a few different ways epoxy paint chips can be spread. One way to do it is broadcast the chips as you roll the paint. You just have to make sure none of the chips fall where you haven't painted yet or there will be spots where the paint doesn't bond with the floor.

Another way to spread the chips is to paint the entire floor and walk through the wet paint with spiked shoes and broadcast. This is usually the easiest way to do it if you have spiked shoes.

The other method is to use a leaf blower. After all the paint is rolled on, stand at the edge of the garage, grab a handful of chips, and blow them into the garage. Just keep blowing them around until you get a nice, even spread.

The next day, sweep up any loose chips and apply a coat of clear sealer. I really like urethane as a topcoat for epoxy, but a clear water based epoxy or solvent based sealer will work. It helps to lock in the chips and provide a wear coat.

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