Faux Finish Concrete Stain Techniques
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"Faux finish concrete stain techniques will create almost
any look you want for your concrete surface!"

faux finsih concrete stain

The techniques of faux finish concrete stain are a great alternative to the traditional methods of acid staining, especially for concrete surfaces that aren’t suitable for acid stains. Old concrete that has lost all its free lime or surfaces with prominent imperfections are good candidates for faux finish staining although it would look nice on any concrete surface. You can achieve the marbled look similar to acid staining. Actually, you can create just about any look want.

Faux finishing on concrete is normally done with acrylic and polymer stains, but can be applied in conjunction with acid stains as well. Maybe you like the translucent coloring of acid stains but would like to incorporate some vibrant shades. With faux finishing, you can transform concrete into your own masterpiece.

Some of the common techniques of faux finish concrete stain include:

Along with these techniques, you can use painters tape and stencils to create patterns and designs. Imagination is your only limit.

One of the major advantages of faux finishing with acrylic stains versus acid staining is there's no need for neutralizing and rinsing. This eliminates alot of time and effort on a staining project.

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Article: Faux Finish Concrete Stain

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