What is the Best Garage Floor Cleaner?

garage floor cleaner

There isn't one garage floor cleaner product that will take care of all the stains that happen on garage floors. There are some good concrete cleaners, but before using these you need to attack individual stains with different methods.

Oil and grease are the most common and troublesome stains on garage floors for obvious reasons. I like to spot clean first with degreasers such as Castrol Superclean from the autoparts store.

Once you've removed stains the best you can, then use a general purpose concrete floor cleaner to take care of the rest. It's best to rinse with a pressure washer but that's not always feasible because you either don't have access to one or you don't want to get your stuff wet. Just let the cleaner soak a little and then scrub it around with a brush or push broom. If you have access to a floor buffer with a maroon pad then that's even better.

What's the best Garage Floor Cleaner?

The super concentrated cleaner/degreasers seem to work best. You can use full strength for heavy duty cleaning or dilute as much as 10:1 for normal cleaning.

Use hot water to rinse if you can. This helps break up dirt and debris that gets trapped in the pores of the concrete.

Tip Use the water heater as a source of water for rinsing if it's in the garage or close to it. There's usually a spigot at the bottom to attach a hose. Not only does this give you hot water to clean your floor, but it's good for the water heater because it empties sediment from the bottom.

*To make a garage floor easier to clean in the future, apply a coat a concrete sealer.*

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