How to remove concrete sealer?

Grinding and shotblasting are usually the easiest ways to remove concrete sealer from a rough surface. But if you want to protect textured or broom finished surfaces, this can be a real hassle. Using chemical strippers is the only option and is by no means an easy task.

For smooth concrete surfaces, the process isn't so bad. You can spread it over the surface, let it sit for several minutes and then scrape it off. You can't really scrape a textured surface, so you're either going to do some scrubbing or blast it with a pressure washer.

Now the question is "What chemicals work best to remove concrete sealer?" There are several products you can find at the big box stores that work. Although it helps to know the type of sealer to select the best one.

The goal is let the chemical do most of work so you can do less. It may have to sit 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or even longer. Test a small area with the stripper first before you cover too much area and end up wasting some of it.

Some of the best products for this are a new generation of soy based strippers. Not only do they work but they are environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable.

The following video shows the process of using a soy based stripping agent on an exterior decorative concrete surface. However, it's a smooth finish which is why he is able to use a scraper. For textured surfaces, use a pressure instead. The one thing you must cautious about is splattering onto nearby painted surfaces.

I strongly recommend the soy strippers because they get the job done with without environmental and safety concerns. Other chemical strippers can produce toxic fumes or hurt the surrounding environment.

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